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Our team dedicates daily time and attention to the continuous search for properties aligned with the needs and preferences of our clients. In our properties, you will find:

Property Descriptions: Detailed descriptions of the properties, including features, location, and specifications.

Photos and Videos: Images and videos showcasing the properties from various angles and providing a comprehensive view.

Technical Details: Information regarding the technical aspects of the properties, such as building materials, surface area, equipment, etc.

Performance History: Information about the performance of the properties, including rents or generated income, maintenance expenses, and any rental-related income.

Legal Documentation: Documents related to the legal aspects of the properties, such as property titles, lease agreements, and any other relevant legal documentation.

Financial Evaluation: Assessment of the value of the properties based on the current market.


Our partner network

At weCan, we trust the power of the team. That's why we have created a network of individuals with expertise and knowledge in each field, ensuring coverage for all your needs. With us, we have:

• Certified Professional Negotiator

• Appraiser

• Legal advisor

• Architectural Engineer / Civil Engineer / Interior Designer

• Translator

• Loan Department

• Energy consultant

• Marketing & Social Media Manager

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Our partner network

Is it time to leverage your property?

Our real estate culture leads us to consider the owner as our collaborator, not a client. The appraisal of your property and its value is provided after a visit to the property, recording its characteristics, and explaining market data. Our specialized consultants provide information for highlighting your property and placing it correctly in the ever-changing market conditions. Would you trust the value of your property to an algorithm?

At weCan, we believe in the uniqueness of your property. Beyond its technical characteristics and walls, it has advantages, a distinct location, and its own special aura.

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Is it time to leverage your property?

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